About Us 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Parallel to our academic focus, NG is committed to reaching out and giving back to our community.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is an essential component of our school culture. The Education First Foundation is the community service initiative that NG has created to serve the improvement of governmental educational facilities. We often host events and ceremonies that involve our students, particularly our choir.

This is a nation-wide initiative covering hundreds of schools. We aim to improve the quality of education in Egyptian public schools, with the objective of building a better future for Egypt. The initiative evaluates public schools to assess their needs and delivers training for teachers, principals and schools heads, aiming to enhance the productivity and efficiency of public schools’ staff.

Education First targets all official language schools in Egypt (a total of 721 schools, accommodating over 1 million students). The Education First initiative, in collaboration with New Generation International Schools, is based on three main channels: training programs, extra-curricular activities, and initiatives.

Our teachers, in accordance with our protocol with the Ministry of Education, personally conducted the training of over 20,000 public school teachers, helping us realize our lifetime commitment and dream of positively impacting our educational community. We have provided ongoing Professional Development workshops since 2012.

Children are the future; empowering well-rounded, educated future leaders is an enormous task that needs well equipped teachers. This is our lifetime commitment and belief.