About Us 

Message from the Chairperson

Welcome NG students, faculty, parents and guests…

In 2018, it is a pride to confidently state that we are one of the top-ranking schools in Egypt and the Middle East, with almost 1000 students served by over 200 members of the faculty, admin, and staff. We are proud to have been accredited by the MSA and also score 3.27, one of the highest Index of Education Quality (IEQ) school evaluations in the Middle East, according to the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA-CASI) in 2017. Five powerful practices crowned this grade: teaching and learning, mission, assessment, data analysis, supervision, and counseling.

NG alumni are now studying in renowned Egyptian, US, Canadian, Dutch and British universities, majoring in a variety of specializations; their success is a reflection of the strength of our core educational values. How well they are able to integrate and smoothly blend into their new communities and lives is nothing but a testimony to the learning foundation and character development they acquired over the years at New Generation.

Our strong partnership with Florida Atlantic University’s (FAU) Department of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology has opened the doors for 32 faculty members to be trained at the latest and highest international Professional Development (PD) levels. We have now succeeded in forming and sharing a Professional Learning Community (PLC) that can be easily identified as one of the best practices worldwide.

Parallel to our academic focus, NG is committed to serving our community. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is an essential component of our culture. The key is the involvement of all of our stakeholders in one mega-project called Education First. Over 20,000 public school teachers serving 721 government schools have been provided with ongoing PD workshops since 2012. This is our lifetime commitment and belief.

After 13 years, I can confidently say that we have successfully graduated well-rounded students, laid a strong infrastructure for our school, designed long-term strategic plans to expand our expertise and services, and created a second line of young teachers and administrators with sustainable career paths. In short, we have in all aspects planned for the future.

As a chairperson and founder, my greatest pride does not only lie in the development of academic achievement, but also in our sustainable school philosophy, prioritizing and devoted to human capital development. It has truly been an honor serving NG since 2005.


Salma El Bakry, Ph.D.