About Us 

Accreditation and Partners


We are fully licensed by The Egyptian Ministry of Education, and are proud to collaborate with them on the Education First Foundation protocol, which has witnessed the training of over 20,000 public school teachers across 721 schools.

We are also accredited by the NCA-CASI’s AdvancED, the largest community of education professionals in the world, and scored 3.27, one of the highest Index of Education Quality (IEQ) school evaluations in the Middle East.

We are proud to have been recommended for accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), an institution that offers objective validation of school quality and student achievement, and fosters continuous school improvement.




Our strong partnership with Florida Atlantic University’s (FAU) Department of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology has opened the doors for 32 faculty members to be trained at the latest and highest international Professional Development (PD) levels. We have now succeeded in forming and sharing a Professional Learning Community (PLC) that can be easily identified as one of the best practices worldwide.

We are also proud founding members of the International Schools Committee of Egypt (ISCE), an organization that is fully dedicated to providing all kinds of resources, knowledge and skills to enhance and add value not only to education, but also to professional, cultural and community activities.

We are partnered with Al Sawy Cultural Wheel, a privately-owned all-purpose cultural center, because we believe that concerts, plays, themed festivals, educational seminars, and cultural activities greatly impact our students’ characters.