At New Generation International Schools, students study English, Math, Science, and Social Studies as set common courses are required for all undergraduates, considered to be the basis of necessary general education for students.

The skills and habits of mind they acquire in the process shape the lives they will lead after they leave High School. Their core subjects course of study requires them to question assumptions and engage in self-reflection. Moreover, students learn to think critically and analytically as well as communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

All core classes prepare students to connect to life beyond the school and help them understand the complexities of the world and their role in it.  

Core classes provide opportunities for students to be engaged in their learning. Students take ownership for their work by working in cooperative learning groups and applying what they learn on real life situations.


At all levels, the English curriculum at NG is centered on the study of literature and linguistics. Our focus is not only about acquiring a distinct skill, but also the means to engage in fundamental ideas regarding what it means to be human.

NG uses the Common Core Standards (CCS) for English Language Arts and Literacy. Reading standards place equal emphasis on the complexity of what students read and the skill with which they read, and is a staircase of increasing text complexity that rises each year until they reach college- and career-level skills.

Acquired writing skills include argumentative essays, informative/explanatory texts, and narrative writing. These exercises cement reading-writing connections by requiring students to draw upon and analyze literary and informational texts.

Tutorial classes supporting students in English and other core subject areas are provided to students on a weekly basis. Preparing our students for prestigious universities is an essential target for our department; therefore, we offer a variety of Standardized tests such as: SAT, IELTS and TOEFL. 10th and 11th Graders get free courses in both SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS until they surpass the required score needed for the best universities around the world. Senior students are given a unique university preparation course that enables all levels of skills to evolve in order to become distinguished students in the most prestigious universities domestically or internationally.


NG follows the Common Core Standards (CCS) in Mathematics, which helps students think critically about complex issues, analyze and adapt to new situations, solve problems of various kinds, and think effectively.

Elementary and Middle School students are offered Math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 1 in preparation for the depth of Geometry, Algebra II, and Pre-calculus courses in High School. We also added a Mechanics elective course available to Grade 12, to benefit students who are interested in Engineering as a career.

The math curriculum that we study equips students with the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that are essential for successful problem-solving.


Science at New Generation emphasizes deep understanding of the world around us. Our science program is aligned with the Next Generation Standards in Science (NGSS). Integrated science courses are offered to students from Grades 1–8; Physics, Chemistry, and Environmental Science are offered to High School students.

The Science curriculum for Grades 6–12 has been modified to serve as a very strong introductory foundation for students taking SAT II and to prepare them for college-level coursework.

Students learn best when they are actively engaged in solving meaningful problems, thinking critically, and doing lab work; that is why at NG, students apply critical-thinking skills and take ownership for their work by determining materials, procedures, topics and questions they want to investigate.


Social Studies helps students understand human interactions that have occurred, are occurring, and are likely to occur in the future. To know the present and the future, one must know the past and relate to it.

NG adopts the State of Louisiana Standards to help develop students' social studies skills, and is taught to Grades 1–9. We utilize various interactive methods, such as direct instruction, visual presentations, differentiated instruction, active learning, and interactive activities to ensure the students are engaged and stimulated.