About Us 

Student Council

The NG Student Council works hand-in-hand with the school administration and the student body to ensure the highest standard of life for New Generation students.  Every year, the students elect their peers to represent them and amplify their collective voice. The Student Council is also meant to provide students with opportunities of leadership, and to develop in all students a sense of responsibility.

The mandate of the student council is divided into three facets:

1. Spirit

The student council agrees, organizes, and executes events and special days for the students, meant to heighten their school spirit and level of enjoyment.


2. Order

Order is a crucial part of the leadership training process for the student council, where members of the student council either volunteer or are chosen for specific roles to maintain order at events or on days where there is a large number of students in a place at a given time.


3. Community Service

Community Service is a major facet of leadership training and the career-building of our students.  Whether it is collecting money for charities, or doing on-site community work, our students become aware of those in need and develop a sense of empathy and the drive to help others.