About Us 

Student Exchange Program

As worldwide interconnection increases and the world becomes smaller and smaller, international communication skills are more important than ever.  The Exchange Program gives our students a chance to experience different cultures and learn about different peoples and nationalities first-hand.  By sending NG representatives – both teachers and students – and by hosting representatives from different schools, we are able to learn, as well as teach, through multinational relationships spanning 4 continents.





The program also nurtures our Hidden Curriculum initiative, where students learn and train for multiple skills, such as communication, leadership, presentation, and relationship-building in tandem with our school curriculum.

It all started in 2017 with Pompano Beach High School International Summit in Florida, USA, in 2017. NG was involved with eight other countries in a multinational endeavor to link different countries onto one platform for the purpose of exchanging cultural awareness. 

2018 will see an expansion in the international exchange program with two exciting trips: an exchange trip back to Pompano Beach High School in Florida, and the attendance of the Lycée International Jules Guesde International Forum in Montpelier, France, where an expected 30 schools from 16 different countries will attend.    

In 2020 New Generation is planning on hosting its own International Summit where we are expecting at least eight countries to attend.