NG faculty and staff are known for their utmost professionalism. They are charismatic, outgoing, caring and inspiring individuals who are enthusiastic, self-motivated and handpicked to work with your children. We can say, with full confidence, that our staff is fully capable of building self-confidence and molding future well-balanced leaders in today’s world.

NG Faculty Incentives:

1-Medical Insurance-Egycare 50% deduction 

2-Day Care Service 

3-Ongoing Professional Development 

4-Children discount to be applied on school fees solely: 

         •1st year:  25% deduction 
         •2nd -4th year: A 5% extra discount for every year (starting the 2nd year, 30%, 35%, etc.) with a ceiling of 50% after the 5th year. 
        •5th year and onwards: 50% discount 

5-Payment of installment fees is flexible along the academic year. 

6-Social Insurance and taxes are all covered by school.

7-50% off registration fees. 

8-Free Transportation (Meeting Points)

9-Teachers who show a record of “zero absence” throughout the academic year are entitled to a financial reward. 

10-NG’s Awards: 
        •Promoted teachers recognition 
        •Dinner voucher for 2 from Chairperson
        •Letter from NG’s Chairperson 

11- Emergency Leave (during school hours): Teachers are granted 1 extra Emergency Leave per year.

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